Old MacDonald’s Place

Now perhaps you don’t see us as particularly farm-y sort of folks—but let’s not be too hasty

July 16 148

It just so happens that a few of us would really love nothing better than to find a farm house with a few chickens, a couple of horses and a cow or two and live happily ever after…once we learn how it’s done, of course.

Nims_Island_Gerard_Butler_856Picture this–only in farmer clothes

I personally will go one step further and say that I might even like the handsome  farmer to go along with the deal–especially if he had a Scottish accent. Ohh–allow me my fantasy, would you?

A rain 097

But when we had the opportunity to spend a day at the Thanksgiving Point Farm Country–a very tame farm–we scooped up the babies and headed out.

A rain 013

First thing–we were amazed to find baby chicks and peacocks for sale.

A rain 012

I wanted to put a couple in my purse and take them home–but they were surprisingly noisy. I would never have gotten them past Beanie the Dog Slayer, back home.

A rain 014

Pretty new experience to be near so many creatures that aren’t saying, “Meow.”

A rain 017

This little guy looks innocent enough, but in real life, he was a very pushy, very naughty goat.

A rain 021

In real life, this is a very sweet baby girl.

A rain 024

These were some very fancy footed chickens.

A rain 025

Apparently, every creature on this farm eats corn EXCEPT the calves. It gives them a stomachache. So don’t try it. You’ll get arrested or something.

A rain 028

Llamas and goats–together? Who’d of known? Don’t be fooled by that goat trying to be as tall as the llama–he’s totally cheating.

A rain 036

The babies were much braver than I was poking corn kernals in the little guys mouths. Watch your fingers Beck.

A rain 042

Goats, sheep, llamas–didn’t matter…brave, brave. Watch your FINGERS, Beck…

A rain 041

and your toes, Chompy.

A rain 052

The perfect farmer’s wife–don’t you think?

A rain 057

She–on the other hand–would like this pony for Christmas. This one.

A rain 063

And thus we see that a pig really isn’t just someone who burps at the dinner table.

A rain 058

They are actual pink, curly tailed animals. Again–who knew?

A rain 073

The itty bitty farmers are just too tired to go on. Farming is hard business. Phew!

A rain 015

I ask myself this every darn day.

E. I. E. I. O…


4 Replies to “Old MacDonald’s Place”

  1. My mom grew up on a small farm and my dad would go play at his grandparent’s farm every summer. There he had a different name! Look at them now…they look like born and raised city folk!

  2. That was sooo fun!!! 🙂 I’m glad we went… we should go again for the “Barnyard Boo” before it’s over!

    I love the picture with you and the horse… it makes me laugh still!!!

    If we all turned into farmer’s I think Mr Noodle would be your biggest helper!!! He LOVED those animals, didn’t he!

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