Happy Birthday April

On Friday we celebrated my sweet April’s birthday.

April, a beautiful wife to Jacob…

an incredible mother to Lily and Beckham…

a loving sister to Lyndi, Jillian, Dane and Rhen, and an inspiring daughter…to me.

April, who–among a million other wonderful things–creates all the background that is beautiful on this blog.

We love you, Honey.

Thanks for being ours…

Happy Birthday.

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday April”

  1. Happy Birthday April!
    Launi, you have such a way with words! I read what you write and sometimes think- yup- thats what I would like to say! I love the pictures- great family photo- last year I rounded everyone up and insisted on a professional photo-we all wore black shirts and blue jeans! its the little things in life! keep up the good work- I havent seen you in ages but it doesnt feel that way as you share your life and great ideas with us!

  2. Even though I’m reading this after the fact, can I still burst out into song? Happy, happy birthday April dear!… well, you know how it goes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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