Ground Cheerios Anyone?

Here is a puddle that I am overjoyed to appreciate.


Of course, there is a big mess to clean up.

holding bowl

But really, not so big in the long run.


And besides, I have a chorus of baby giggles to serenade me, and chubby fingers learning how to clean up.


And most important of all, best friends in the making.


It’s all about perspective, ladies.

Have a wonderful day.

PS While my Mom is having technical difficulties at her house (I won’t mention what problems she’s having, only that it has to do with her internet and a certain company’s less-than-advertised “spirit of service”…) I’m charged with keeping you all entertained. Hopefully she’ll be back to her regularly scheduled antics tomorrow.


6 Replies to “Ground Cheerios Anyone?”

  1. At least it’s dry Cheerios and not Chili Mac or something. They are so adorable! Oh, and ps…we’re back on! Thanks, my dah-ling for this sweet post.

  2. Ahhh… those babies!!! They really are sooo great! They have the sweetest little laughs and I love when you can see them connect the way they do… you know, when they slow down long enough!

  3. I will totally admit that my kids eat Cheerios off the floor almost as much as they eat it from a bowl. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat. 😉

    Cute photos!

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