Grating Zucchini

Just a couple of tips on grating zucchini. This was my first go at it, so I’ll tell you what we learned.

Zucchinis can be really big.

August 7 040

That said, don’t let them scare you. It’s likely you are bigger than they are. Rinse them off in the sink in cool water.

August 7 042

Cut off the stem end.

August 7 043

Use the medium grater size so that your pieces are small enough to mix well. Grate zucchini down about an inch or until you see the seed core appearing.

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Cut around the seed core as far down as a paring knife will go and pop it out. Continue grating until more seed core shows up and do the same thing. This easy step will keep the seeds out of your bread–which is much nicer than having big old surprise seeds show up at inconvenient times…like when you’re eating.

August 7 047

Measure out what you need for your recipes and bag and freeze the rest.

The end.

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  1. Me and grating zucchini don’t get along. Well, mostly just grating zucchini and my knuckles, and fingertips.

  2. Well, deary–here’s a couple of tips…

    First of all, there is enough zucchini in the world–so if you toss the last couple of inches rather than grate your hands off…we’ll understand.

    Secondly, with a bigger vegetable like this, when you get to the end–where your fingers are in danger–change your grip to more of a palm press. The inside of your hands are tougher stuff than your knuckles and will likely withstand the grater’s warning scuff. Then you’ll know when to stop and toss the scrap to the chinchilla.

  3. have you ever tried using a food processor- or is it too coarse? I’ve lost too many pieces of finger nails in the hand ones so try and stay away from them! hadn’t thought of the palm thing-but I’m a sucker for any gadget and it was a good excuse to buy the food processor!

  4. Well…we, um…don’t actually…have one. Maybe it would do fine, but I have no idea. I’m sure I don’t want chunks and seeds are nasty. Will a food processor actually “grate” or does it only chop?

  5. it does both- the grater part is coarse. maybe a bit bigger than the hand graters. I just like it because its really fast!

  6. Nice post… Now I know what to do the next time me and a zucchini cross paths! 😉 Thanks!!!

  7. We use the grater attachment on our Bosch. It takes a matter of second to do 6 cups of zucchini. Still cut off the ends, and we actually peel them (is that silly?) and cut it in quarters the long way to get the core out. Then stuff it in the Bosch! Not to brag or anything. I have to travel to my mom’s house to do it though. Luckily I have to travel to get my Zucchini anyway.

  8. The only reason I leave the peel on is because I’ve been told, by someone very wise–though, I can’t remember who at the moment–that the good stuff is in the peel. It grates up pretty fine. Not doing the seeds though. I dream of a Bosch. sigh…

  9. I was grating zucchini for these delicious vegetarian crab cakes (crab-free obviously), and when I was finished with all of seven zucchini, I had this weird, thick film on my hands and fingers, primarily the one holding the vegetable. Now it’s the next day and what I couldn’t remove of the film before is dried onto my hands. Any tips for either avoiding it next time, or removing it today?

  10. They have a waxy coating like cucumbers sometimes do. Try making a salt scrub out of hand pump soap and a small pile of salt and just rub it around on your hands for a few minutes and rinse with tons of warm water. Lemon juice and soap may help as well. Be sure to use hand lotion afterwards because both the salt and the lemon are going to dry your hands out. Let me know if this helps. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :}
    Oh, and to avoid it next time–Hmmm…I think I’d us a salt scrub on the outside of the veggie before hand and see if that helps.

  11. When i grate our zucchini, i use our food processor and grate the whole thing, skin, seeds and all. i do cut off the ends. i used it for zucchini bread.

  12. I bought a thick pair of gardening gloves and use them when ever I need to zest or grate. No more peeled knuckles or nails!

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