Crocheted Grammy Star Pattern

Here’s sweet little star shaped motif that I’m going to call the “Grammy Star.” You only need three different colors for each star. Of course, you can work with however many sets of colors you want so it’s a great way to use up your smaller pieces and skein ends.

As I love to do, I’m using Peaches and Cream, 100% cotton yarn–because it comes in every color imaginable and because I love the natural soft feel of cotton.


With color A, ch 6, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch 2 for first hdc, 11 hdc in ring, sl st to top of beg ch. Fasten off.

Rnd 2: Join color B in any hdc. Draw up 1/2″ lp, yo, draw up lp, yo and through all lps on hook (beg puff st completed), ch 1, (yo and draw up a lp) twice in next st, yo and through all lps on hook (puff st completed), * ch 3, puff st in next hdc, ch 1, puff st in next hdc, rep from * around, ch 3, sl st to top of first puff st. Fasten off.

Rnd 3: Join color C in any ch-3 sp, ch 3 for first dc, (dc, tr, ch 3, tr, 2 dc) in same ch-3 sp, sc in next ch-1 sp, *(2 dc, tr, ch 3, tr, 2 dc) in next ch-3 sp, sc in next ch-1 sp, rep from * around, sl st to top of beg ch. Fasten off.

Shape your star by gently tugging at the star points.

Otherwise, it may just look more like a flower than a star. I do suppose it’s pretty either way.

My favorite thing is how they just fit so snugly together. I haven’t sewn my stars together yet, because I haven’t made up my mind about what these little stars are going to be when they grow up.

Any suggestions?

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  1. These are super cute! I think it would be neat to see a blanket made out of these. It would be cool if you made each star with the same three colors, just in a different order! 😉 You are so creative!

  2. my 3 yr old daughter just said “oh those are so cute i want to wear them” so maybe a headband or a hat

  3. Love these little stars! And they do snuggle together beautifully. I think they would be darling as a baby blanket, maybe in all pinks for a little girl. Or a mobile for baby’s bed. Such a perfect “take along” project or even when we need a break from a tedious project. You are such a inspiration with your beautiful patterns and I want to thank you for your devotion. It can’t be easy to write them all out and take pictures, showing us every step. Just so you know, it is helping me to understand exactly how to crochet from start to finish. Thank you very much!

  4. 😀 What a sweet comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this…it was so kind of you. I enjoy blogging and sharing with like minded people and it warms my heart to have people comment about it. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting!

  5. Beautiful, thank you for the instructions. Do you thing it would be possible to crochet them together in stead of sewing the motives together?

  6. < I would maybe suggest you sew them carefully onto a piece of muslin and make a wonderful quilt top with them to lay on a bed, Any size, this would keep them all nice and firm and have a backing. You chose the color of the backing to match your flowers. I am going to have a go because I have made many grandma's flower garden quilts. Very tedious!! Thanks for sharing your pattern with all of us.
    Kind regards

  7. These look so nice. Will they fit together in an afghan though? Perhaps you could make a small one up to see? I’d love to know. Thanks

  8. Just looked at the Peaches and Cream yarn, and boy is that expensive! I could never afford to use that… 🙁

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