Golden Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon a really peculiar thing happened.

So peculiar, in fact, that some of the braver folk came out…on the roof for a closer look.

The first thing that got our attention was that everything–everywhere– turned yellow–and that’s while we were still in the house.

When we came outside the whole sky was totally yellow…

no matter which way you turned.

Don’t you find that particularly odd?

I do.

One of the kids said, “Ok, this is really freaky…”

eerie even…

you know, like, the end of the world kinda stuff.”

But as you can see–we’re still here. No apocalypse. No Millennium. No end of the world…for now.

In fact, within minutes the yellow sky started to fade away altogether…

and promptly turned…


11 Replies to “Golden Afternoon”

  1. I was at my moms house when this happened. It was Gorgeous! It made the grass look like a fake kind of green. I felt like I was in a dream.

  2. We were sitting in my parent’s backyard and we thought it looked like tornado weather. This is how the sky looked in Kansas City all the time, in tornado season. Creepy!

  3. That sky was rad. I’m so glad you caught pictures of it. The end of the world is exactly what I was thinking…HAHA That was the most beautiful thing ever!!!

  4. Haha. I went for a walk and then made Charles and Rebekah come out to enjoy it for awhile! It was awesome! But I did totally freak Charles out. I loved how the grass looked. (Hey, April, it looks like the photo tools effect! 🙂 ) That kind of sky happens more often in Az during monsoon season.

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