From Russia…With Love

Just in case anyone wondered–the Bald kid has indeed survived his first week in Siberia–well, whole and happy. He says that they’ve already been chased off a bus by a little old lady screaming that they’re serving Satan. Wow…Satan…seriously? Sheesh.

He also told us that he sang a solo in church–oh, not intentionally, and not because he sings, really. Apparently someone asked him a question in Russian and he thought heΒ  understood and said yes. Next thing he knows, he’s got a hymnbook in his hand and he’s up front singing all by himself. Would have paid big money to see that!

This is the view from his apartment window…a bit grim by our standards, but I’m told it’s actually a very nice apartment. I’m looking for parking lots or something…but maybe that’s just silly.

Here the guys are cooking up some odd looking thing called Palmene. Pretty sure I didn’t put that in his cookbook from home! It’s a little noodle-y thing with meat in it. I’m not asking what kind of meat…we’ll just leave that alone for now.

He says the yogurt and dairy are “epic” but that they are only allowed to drink water that they buy–so he’s thirsty a lot. Wonder how he made the herb tea…hmmm….

Be safe and well my sweet boy on the other side of the world. I suppose it’s best if you have no earthly idea just how badly this mama misses you.

More than you’ll ever know.


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  1. Boy what I wouldn’t have given for a picture that quickly from my guys when they were half way around the world a few yrs back. Technology really is amazing – I had to wait the whole 2 yrs to have any real sense of what missionary #1 lived in and like and he left only 10 yrs ago. He was not able to e-mail (not many in Cambodia had computers at that time) and letters were very short. The cost of a package to and from was so very expensive that little small ones only happened at Christmas and for 1 birthday. I’m glad for you that is not your lot – and how happy and safe he looks.

  2. He looks so good! That noodle-y thing doesn’t look too bad. When my oldest brother served in Korea he ate dog. A certain breed is bread to eat. Gross!

  3. He looks so happy to be there! πŸ™‚ Cute pictures aunt Launi! Love your posts, they always make me cry.

  4. Totally love this one. Missions are amazing!! My oriental exchange students used to eat those noodle things and they are actually pretty tasty!

  5. Those pictures are awesome!!! They look like they are having so much fun! Those Palmene thingys look pretty good!!

  6. Ohhhh! PICTURES!!! ***:D*** He looks great and I’m SO excited for him! It looks almost like he’s eating tortellini! πŸ™‚ That’s not too scary! πŸ˜‰ So glad he’s safe and sound in his new place!

  7. What memories these pictures trigger.
    Russians are very passionate. I met some of the strongest protesters become some of the strongest members. They believe what they do, but they believe it strongly. This is a character trait I love about the Russians.
    That is funny about the mix-up at church. Too funny!
    Palmene is delicious!!! It usually just has beef or some sausage in it. It is great with sour cream even (russian style for sure). Russians don’t eat too strange of meats. Usually cow, pig, lamb.
    What city is he in?
    As for parking lots…most people take public transit so parking is not common. These kind of apartments have two sides one side is more for walking, kids playing, and just general park/yardage area…and here it looks like large crate storage, but the other side might yield some parking…but again mostly not. The apartment is definately NICE. I have been in some scary ‘looking’ ones. Looks like it has been remodeled and new appliances…good stuff.
    The rule used to be (for water) either buy it, filter it, or boil it: so herb tea is in good order; and Russia has some of the nicest herb teas I have ever had.

    Spring is the best time to go. I arrived in May and it was just perfect to get me in order – before winter. Summers in Siberia can get extremely hot: 100+ degrees. But they are so much fun! Russians really just try to get the most they can out of those hot temps.

  8. Well, certainly the mail system is still hard. It cost over $70 to mail him a shoebox of small essentials that he will hopefully get for his birthday in July. Then the post office was quick to tell me that they cannot in any way guarantee that he will ever see it. We are sooo lucky in this country that we are so blessed. And that I can talk to him on email…it just makes me bawl to have him feel close for just a little minute. You were such a brave mom. I’d have been an utter wreck. But I think Heavenly Father knew that and sent me my big strong boys…last. :}

  9. Oh, noooo….dog? I’m being told that they eat regular meat in Russia–beef, pork, lamb…that sort of thing. Rhen is a really good sport too…but he’d have a problem with dog. Quite certain.

  10. I need to be braver–that’s for sure. It looks scary to ME…I’m sure he’s fine with it. All such a great adventure. :}

  11. Oh, Stephanie! Thank you soooo much for writing this. It just made me heave a huge sigh of relief. I worry so much sometimes and this–my baby boy–has been so hard to have gone. I’m nervous for everything he’s going through now. He’s a bit shy and I know that to be yelled at probably made him just shake. He’s a giant of a fellow but incredibly gentle and tender. So it was wonderful to have someone tell me a bit more than he will ever have time to share with me. You know, all those things that a mama needs to know–to get a feel for where and how her child is. Thank you…thank you.
    Let’s be friends…

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