Freeze Dried Ice Cream

A million years ago, when my kids were littler, I was the refund queen.

No, really–I was. It took a full sized file cabinet to store my UPCs.

Ask around, I’m not lying.

Ok, it was nuts…or I was nuts. Not sure which.

Anyway…way back then, Kelloggs Raisin Bran had a special offer. For every 3 UPCs you sent them, they would send you a package of “Astronaut Ice Cream.”

Sounded intriguing.

So we gathered our codes, mailed them in and happily earned 38 packages of the stuff. I know, overkill. But luckily–it was “magically delicious.”

To say that we became addicted to crunchy ice cream would be putting it lightly. Oh, how we savored that very last package because after all, when it’s gone…

…where can you shop for Astronaut food?

I don’t know how we managed, but somehow we lived without it for many years. In fact, we lost touch completely. Yes, it was a meager existence–I must say.

The years went sadly by and one day, while dinking around in Emergency Essentials I came across this:

It said, “Freeze Dried Neapolitan Ice Cream.” Could it be? Did I dare hope?

I dared, and JOY of JOYS– it turned out to be the exact same stuff that Neil Armstrong took to the moon! WAHOO!

The Andersons and space food—reunited at last!

Just the other day, we tried to share this fabbo treat with some friends and the reception was less than positive. In fact, they looked at us like we’d fed them dried squid.

In a word…it tanked.

So, maybe some people just can’t appreciate wildly exotic childhood luxuries.

It could be that Freeze Dried Ice Cream is a particularly acquired taste.

Or perhaps, not everyone is suited for space travel.

I vote the latter.

Buzz Lightyear

To infinity and beyond…

5 Replies to “Freeze Dried Ice Cream”

  1. I know what you mean. Since my dad works there he gave all of us a starter box for our 72 hr. kits and included was the freeze dried ice cream bar. It tasted just like the real thing. I think I will have to try it again once my pregnancy is over. It might taste better! 🙂

  2. Fun post!!! I’ve never tried Astronaut ice cream or freeze dried ice cream. Not sure if I would. What if I liked it & couldn’t get it anymore? Isn’t it better to not know what you are missing? If so, I would be better off not knowing if I like it. At least I think I would.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned the UPC codes & you being the coupon queen. I remember 20 something years ago you taking me to your basement & showing me everything you collected. You even got me into saving UPC codes, a little.

  3. I love this stuff!! Neil and I have taken it backpacking with us before. Mountain house makes the best freeze dried meals! Some of the other brands are only so-so. So we have been meaning to come and get water, it’s just been hard because I had to come back to work temporarily. I’m hoping to be done in about 2 weeks. Hopefully we’ll get back into a routine after that. We haven’t even gone to get milk at Real Foods Market in months!! And that’s huge – coming from a milk addict! We haven’t bought any at all!!

  4. yUUUm!!! I love this stuff!!! It’s ok if everyone isn’t up for space travel… I’m not going… I’ll just eat the ice cream! 😉

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