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The girls have been so sweet about being out in the chicken yard, but now and then, they  look longingly out at the green grass and plants beyond their little pen.

So, this morning…I opened the door and let them out!


At first they stood there looking at me, like, “Ummmm…lady? You know the gate is open, right?”

Yep, I know.


In fact, I had to stand outside in the grass saying, “Come on-come on-come on.” Then, once they realized I wasn’t kidding, they tip-toed out…then ran!


Oh, my goodness did they have fun. And what a huge deal they make out of this funny, little bush! They pecked at the leaves for an hour.

And see those purple flowers? Most of them were barely out of reach so they would stand just below and…JUMP straight up to snatch them. It was awesome.


We’ve left the grass long because we didn’t want to scare them with the mower just yet. But they loved it that way. I think they felt a bit stealthy, sneaking around in the tall grass…


and pecking at all the silly little bugs crawling around.


Then, as though someone rang a dinner bell, they all marched into the yard and gobbled up their grains–that had been sitting there all day long.


Then they promptly curled up in a bunch of heaps and went to sleep–inside the pen. I don’t think they totally understand this freedom thing yet.


Soon enough, I suppose.

I think we’re both going to love it.

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