Food Storage Folks

The Bare-bones year supply!
Ok, so I am fully aware that everyone on earth does NOT store food and have a wheat grinder.
I also know that most people don’t really worry about updating a 72 hour kit and rotating the canned goods.
AND I’m sure it’s quite likely that if you announced to a lot of folks that there was a big sale on 50 pound bags of rice and black beans–they’d look at you like you had a blue face.
But then, on the other hand, I know that in these parts, there are quite a few families that have organizing a year supply and 72 hour kits as a pretty hefty priority. Some of us do try. But the dilema has always been–how to make it interesting?

Yes, you’d survive–but you’d be so bored!

Our ward has a new program that I want to tell you about–it’s called Wheat Watchers. They send out a weekly newsletter–which is worth signing up for–and have a blog to share tips and information so that if an emergency does come–we’ll know what to do. It promises to help us get beyond the boring basics and learn ways to take care of everyone without making them all sick.
Oh, go on…check out the site. It’s pretty cool. And you know, as long as we are trying to do this storage thing–we may as well be creative about it!

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  1. Food storage always seems a little intimidating… but that actually makes it look easy enough. It would be boring to only have that… but at least it’s a start! 🙂

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