Family Day

…in Canada.


I have this funky little calendar that says that today is National Family Day in Canada. I’m good with that. Any reason to have a celebration is usually fine with me–but Family Day? How can you possibly beat that?

This day is supposed to be spent having all kinds of adventures with your family–indoors or out. I’m an inny sort myself. It’s a bit nippy out.

Since this day falls in a cold month–the books say that Hot Chocolate and Cookies are the thing to do.

I’m pretty darn ok with that too.  :]


Since we wanted to do this properly, we chose to make Canadian Maple Cookies in honor of the day. They were a hit.

So take this as the excuse you may need to stay home tonight and play games or watch a movie or just sit around eating cookies and being with your family.

Grab them while you still can. They grow up sooo fast.


You must trust me on this.

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