Ever Wondered~

where citrus essential oils come from? 140

Look very closely at this picture. I was sitting in the car peeling a tangerine one chilly winter day.


When, to my delight, and because the sun was hitting  in just the right spot, I could clearly see all the lovely citrus-y oils, simply bursting out into the air.


And of course, those teeny, tiny oil drops above my fingertips, are just the ones released when I tore through the peel.


Look at the hundreds–perhaps thousands of drops left in the un-torn part of the strip. See them?


Imagine if you could capture all those misty little drops and save them in a container to use later. Wouldn’t that be incredible?


So, WHY hasn’t someone figured out how to capture all that Tangerine goodness and bottle it?! Hmmmmm?

Oh, wait.

They did.

Heh, heh, heh.


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  1. I LOVE Citrus Oils! How fun that you were able to catch pictures of those fantastic little oils. 🙂

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