Cotton Love

One of my very favorite things…a mystery package, on the porch!


I have one child that gets goose bumps when she walks up the office supply aisle in Staples. Pens, notebooks, paper clips just really work for her.

Then I have this other daughter that gets lightheaded over…dancing shoes. Ballet, ballroom, character or Latin. Doesn’t matter what kind–she’s got them.

I have another child that would walk to the mall, barefoot, in a blizzard for a sale at Archiver’s. Scrapbook supplies, stickers and grommets make her very, very happy.

Well let me show you what does it for me…





Look at those perfect colors! Just imagining all the places this thread will go and what it will become in it’s second life. What beloved little soul will wear it or play with it and in what way?

Ahhhh…the potential for 100% cotton joy is staggering indeed. Better get a move on…

So—what thrills you to your toes? Share,  share…

12 Replies to “Cotton Love”

  1. Awww… scrapbooking… 🙂 I love Staples too though! 😉 Well… shoes are great as well… but Jillian can have the dancing ones, I’ll take the others! 🙂

    I love finding a good deal… I love celebrating and being with family and friends that I love… I love eating good food and having plenty to share… I love when Baby Chomp smiles and laughs and is happy with the world!

    I’m happy that you love your yarn… and it’s awesome that you’re sooo willing to share it with us once you’ve changed into something else!

  2. I love fabric! I could buy up all the fabric in the world and sit with it surrounding me and I would be just happy. I also love yarn, pens, journals, and my girls smiles.

  3. I love the nursery (the plant kind) Every kind of flower, and fruit and herb Not to mention ground cover and water plants. I love going but I always take such a long time to decide anything cause I want to see everything!

  4. I forgot, I also LOVE the back to school sales, where everything for school is SUPER cheap… I have to avoid the stores around that time or my whole house would be full of 10 cent notbooks and boxs of crayons.

  5. What does Kim love? I have a thing for thrift stores. I love the thrill of not knowing what you will find. I still can’t bring myself to buy clothes there, but everything else, I’m game. I also love dishes. I’m totally addicted. Luckily I found a weekly tablescaping blog party that I can show off my dishes. And then there is my addiction to frames. I seriously need to print out some photos for some of my frames. I have empty ones on the wall. And of course I love food. But one only needs to look at me to know this fact. And I also love fabric. I buy it with a specific project in mind, but never seem to get the project done. So now when I buy fabric & they ask me what I am going to do with it, I just answer “Put it in my fabric collection”. That about sums me up & my current loves (besides family of course).

  6. Fabric, fabric and more fabric. Cutting it up into little piece and putting it back together and making a big piece. Smells throughout the house to match the season or my mood and music – ohhhhh the peace or energy or soothing or inspiration that only music can bring. And if none of those things work their way into my day – then really good chocolate can make everything okay.

  7. Oh ALEX!!! I’m sooo glad you said that! I LOVE Back-to-School sales too!!! Nate always tries to steer me in the other direction as I head that way… cause he knows I’ll just buy things because they’re cheap!!! 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one! And Lynnette… I feel the same way about music. If it didn’t bug everyone, I would have some kind of music on all the time, every day!!!

  8. I would have to say creations! Any thing I can do to fill my time with making some thing for someone…sewing, cards, baking…then to see them get it and excited or grateful for it…sends chills up my spine!! WHAOO! ( I also love the office supply stores:) )

  9. I just say that all yarn is on sale at JoAnns, just thought you would like to know.

  10. oh so many things — completely depends on the task at hand… or the mood i’m in… or the inspiration …

    but at any given time it will either be a trip to the fabric store, to the yarn store, the book store or to an office supplies store.

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