Cooking School

I’ve heard about the Taste of Home Cooking School that tours the country and teaches all kinds of amazing stuff–but I’ve never gone before…


We–my sister Laurie and I–spent the whole evening watching this cute little gal cook about 10 different dishes using all kinds of yummy ingredients. She made BBQ Chicken Pizza, Pumpkin Whoopee Pies, Chocolate Agave Cake, Raspberry Pork Roast,  and so much more. Dang–it made us so hungry!

They gave away about a million prizes–dishes, cookware, groceries, jewelry…

and about a dozen or so cookbooks. Ooooh…I wanted one of those! These guys even gave away all the food that she made and the dishes that went with them. So much fun.

This lady won a toaster oven or something wonderful like that. Hey, wait…I KNOW her! Congratulations, Alice!

We each received a prize bag filled with recipes, kitchen gadgets and sponsor products. I was just about to take of picture of what was in the bag–when my camera battery died.


So much for me being the Taste of Home Cooking School reporter of the year. I guess you’ll just have to imagine the picture of my sister and I having a wonderful time and learning so many new things to cook. Maybe we’ll even show you a few of them soon.

In the meantime–it’s nice to know Papa Murphy’s is still just around the corner.

You know…

just in case.

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13 Replies to “Cooking School”

  1. Hopefully, you will share some of those recipes! You know, for those of us that live in the boondocks and never get to go anywhere amazing like that!!

  2. oh my gosh-that sounds like so much fun- and to get to do it with your sister is an added bonus. I love love love- cookbooks and gadgets! the kids laugh at me- but they sure are glad when they are trying to do something and I say- hey wait a minute I have something to do that!

  3. I just linked to your post. Thanks for the photo. You know your friends are bloggers when they have their cameras ready for the important stuff.

    If you ever want to borrow my toaster oven to bake your Papa Murphy’s, just give me a holler.

  4. I love going to the Taste of Home. It is so much fun! Bring the goodie bag to craft night so I can see what you got. 😉

  5. Some would need some serious tweaking–a ton of onions, some wine, coffee–that sort of thing that I’m not into. But other than that, I’ll be making a few of the recipes for sure.

  6. Oh man — so jealous!!! I wanted to go to that so bad, but didn’t have the funds! Maybe next year! Glad to see it was worth it, though!!

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