Comfort Food Survey

Been reading all kinds of articles on the subject of comfort foods and it made me wonder…

just what truly makes up the perfect “make the world go away” or “now I feel better” foods anyway? Does it need to be a sweet treat or could it be a savory supper dish?

So I decided to do a survey of my own and see for myself…

just what people want when they need comfort…

or acceptance…

or joy…

or happiness…

or plain, old Mama love.

So, how about it? When you need down-right comfort what food would you reach for if it could be handed to you…and you didn’t have to lift a finger? Let me know your favorites in the comment section.

We’ll add up the results in a week and let you know the top ten. Please encourage your friends to pipe in with their favorites as well. We need a real good–down to earth list. Then, if we haven’t made them here already–we’ll find the best recipes and share them with you, in the next few weeks.

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What are your favorite comfort foods?


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54 Replies to “Comfort Food Survey”

  1. Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and my Mom’s beef stew with homemade bread.

  2. My Uncle Joe from Scotland used to talk about “Bangers and Mash” when he’d come to visit. It’s sausage and mashed potatoes with gravy. Yum!

  3. ICE CREAM! we had it so much as a kid growing up that it’s the first word I learned to spell. My parent’s tried to hide that they were talking about it by spelling it. I caught on to that pretty quick. Now I have it with my husband nearly every night. Any flavor is great, but especially chocolate and fudge. (I love home made hot fudge sauce)

  4. The breakfast grub!

    Eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, ham, pancakes, and a nice glass of orange juice. Now we’re talkin’.

  5. Good choice. Have you tried the homemade “Deep Chocolate Ice Cream” that we made last summer? Oh, my. Pretty sure I ate it all by myself with no sharing involved. hee hee.

  6. I hadn’t seen that one yet. We’re for sure going to need to try that this summer. Hmmm… now where to get an ice cream maker? Maybe I’ll see if my aunt will let me borrow.

  7. As much as I like sweets and treats, when I hear comfort food I think about warm, filling meals and side dishes… Mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken noodle soup, chipped beef on toast, Hawaiian haystacks, homemade enchiladas, lasagna, any kind of pasta… you know, all the food that you eat until your filled right up, but your mouth still wants more! *:D*

  8. Anything with Strawberries….Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, Strawberry Shortcake…(totally having this tonight)….Basically anything that I can have my strawberries πŸ™‚

  9. My comfort comes with salt for some reason. Devin knows that nothing comforts me more than a full jar of salsa and my own bag of chips. He just lets me go until the stress is gone…or the salsa. The salsa is even better if you warm it up just a bit.
    My number two comfort food is pop corn. None of this microwave stuff! Just the real air popped buttered salted stuff.

  10. All food is comfort food to me (just take a look at me). But roast beef or chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy & corn would be my all time comfort foods. And brownies and ice cream for dessert. But a quick comfort food for me would be Boston Baked Beans candy. I’m known to eat it for breakfast sometimes. And speaking of breakfast. I love eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes with a big ole glass of ice cold milk. That’s comfort. Now I’ve gone & made myself hungry. I need some comfort food. Thanks Launi!!!

  11. Really? You sound like the bald kid now. He’d put fruit on everything if the planet was his. We need to plant strawberries–if we could get rid of the snow.

  12. Ummmmm….sounds so good. We could use a good meat loaf recipe–have one? And chip beef on toast–that is a HUGE favorite at this place. We use a couple of loaves of bread for the toast and everyone gets too full to move. Makes me laugh to think of it.

    Good one!


  13. Do you have a favorite salsa? I know that can be addicting too, can’t it? I have actually had salsa cravings…my mom would say, “There must be something in it that your body needs.” Ha…yeah, like the cheese I’m going to put on it next!
    ha ha

  14. Actually, this post is solely responsible for messing with my correct food choices for the morning. I’ve started over about six times.
    Boston Baked beans, huh? The smooth or the nobbly kind? I bet you do a ton of big breakfasts with those boys around–same here.
    Mashed potatoes keep coming up too, don’t they?

  15. Tapioca pudding. The kind where you whip the egg whites and fold them in. It’s just about heaven but takes too much time to work up quickly so I hardly ever make it.

  16. Most definitely the smooth kind. But when I’m desperate, the nobbly kind will do. We do a big breakfast every weekend. Luckily my hubby likes to help with breakfast. He makes a great omelet. And I am not surprised that mashed potatoes keep coming up. They are very comforting.

  17. Oooohhh…I’ve never had that kind. I love the Jello boxed one though so you can see…I’m easy to please. The used to have a chocolate tapioca one too. Soooo good. Hmmmmm…maybe we need to explore that one further…chocolate tapioca…hmmmmmm.

  18. We used to make that at my grama’s house when I was a kid. With the ice cream make that had a hand crank. Took forever but it kept the guys pretty busy! So worth it.

  19. You must be doing something right my dear to even know how to eat that yummy stuff and look as good as you do. Yum–that is a classic favorite!

  20. comfort food- yummmmmm- warm sourdough bread with butter- has to be butter, not margarine…. or roast beef with mashed potatoes and yorkshire pudding…and gravy- lots of gravy! good thing I just bought a treadmill!

  21. Ohhhh….my….Hey, I have an idea—You come down here sometime and we’ll make all that stuff and gobble and talk and gobble some more. Then we will both make good use of our treadmills. I LOVE Yorkshire pudding–especially when it’s crispy. And there are those mashed potatoes again.

  22. Broccoli cheese soup with bread to dip in it for lunch at work (you can thank Schlotzsky’s Deli for that one). Peanut butter (if possible) anywhere else… including while in foreign countries where people dare me to find some… and I do πŸ™‚ And eat an entire jar in a matter of days. LOVE it.

  23. I have a sweet tooth, so any HOMEMADE goodie (store-bought just isn’t the same) seems comforting to me. Brownies, cookies, cakes all do the trick – especially if my mom made them. Why is it that anything my mom makes tastes better than when I make it?

    Also any homemade soup. I always said with all the yummy soup recipes out there it is one of the few foods I could eat daily.

    And mashed potatoes and pan-fried hamburger patties covered in milk gravy. Mmmmm….it must be lunch time.

  24. Please tell me you’re kidding. The jello box stuff is NASTY compared to the real thing. It would be worth dropping whatever you’re doing right this minute, going to the store, buying a box of Real Tapioca, and going home and making it. As for the chocolate variety the would be a big NO, don’t even go there, and that comes from the queen of chocolate. The original white stuff in the red box is all you should concern yourself with. I expect a report back :).

  25. Ummmmm….the soup. My eyes are rolling back in my head now….ummmm. I love broccoli cheese soup. It’s soooo dang good. Wow.

  26. Yeah, well, it’s after 1:00 am now and you are making me soooo hungry! Don’t you know that Moms have a special magic dust they use when they cook…it’s like crack only legal and very good for you.


  27. Depending on the mood: If I am going for a carb comfort food…homemade rolls. If sweet…chocolate ice cream with nuts and caramel.

  28. Ohhhh…Aren’t you glad it’s getting warmer and we can start thinking homemade ice cream? Yum!

    Hey would you ask anybody else that you know to take the survey too? I need a bit more input before I can come up with ten favorites. Your husband maybe?


  29. Ice cream, potato chips, pulpy OJ, chewy candies (especially chocolate), chocolate chip cookies.

  30. Ok, that one is unique. Thanks so much for helping with the survey.

    I heard about your scary day. πŸ˜• I hope you guys are ok. So glad no one was terribly hurt.


  31. I should never read this stuff late at night. It makes me want to raid the whole pantry. I KNOW we have all that stuff upstairs and it sounds really good right now.


    thanks so much!

    Glad you are all ok!

  32. Mine is Homemade bread toasted with real butter…hmmm…homemade chocolate ice cream…homemade chicken noodle soup…and Cheeotos.


  33. Homemade Bread. Ohhh the smell. The warm hot slice with butter and homemade jam.

    Homemade cookies or brownies warm with milk. Bread pudding.

    Anything Homemade and warm.

  34. Homemade Chicken Noodle soup…but it HAS to have homemade noodles. Or my Chicken Enchiladas. Or Bread and Cheese. You all know how I feel about bread and cheese. Crusty bread and smoked Gouda? Anyday.

  35. Interestingly, my comfort foods are specific foods in combo…
    My mom’s chili with saltines and a tall glass of grape juice tops the list
    My grandmama’s tomato potato soup and southern cornbread with a tall glass of milk or better yet a bowl of warm southern cornbread crumbled up and covered with cold milk or my sister’s Fat noodles (somewhere between chicken noodle soup and chicken and dumplings) lastly, My grandmama’s Sunday dinner – roast with potatoes, onion and carrots cooked with it, Southern green beans, simple salad with homemade ranch dressing…Yummy and guaranteed to chase the blues or sickness away! As much as I love sweets none of the bring me comfort oddly enough πŸ™‚

  36. This may sound weird, but my comfort food has always been eggs with black pepper! So yummy!

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