Color School

It only took a week or so–sheesh–to pick out and gather the perfect colors for another project in the works. I’m not so good at figuring out all the modern color ways yet, but I have lots of help so I can’t stray too far from the straight and narrow. I’m still in the midst of choosing…

Oh, and by the way–I wouldn’t think of using that dreadful lavender or that incredibly wrong maroon…apparently highly un-stylish. The light blue is also out.

Who knew? This silly “old dog” is definitely learning some new tricks.

I’ll admit though, it’s kinda fun putting these pretty brights together and getting a feel for what works and what–ahemdoesn’t these days. This sweet little project is nearly finished and I’m soooo excited to show it to you, but not yet! Soon, soon.

Be brave–

I think, I hope you’ll love it. And maybe…just maybe, you’ll want one too. And THAT, my friends, can be arranged. Hee hee.


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