Clever, Quick Halloween Costumes

Last minute. Cheap. Easy. Eco-Friendly. Dang funny.

Read on…

Magnet and road

Speed Bump, and Magnet . Amy has metal objects stuck all over her and Jesse is covered with tire treads.


Mustard, Ketchup and a couple of dogs.

Hot Air Balloon

Can’t see this one too clearly because mom is holding her baby peacock. But she’s wearing a tub–with the bottom cut out and helium balloons attached. She is, of course, a Hot Air Balloon.

Theater Floor

How about hot gluing candy wrappers, popcorn bags and trash on black clothes to be a Theater Floor.  Don’t miss the footprints on his face!

Amy has socks and underwear and fabric softener sheets stuck all over her as Static Cling.

Copy of Blind Umpire

Striped shirt, sunglasses and a walking stick and you have a Blind Ref. Ha!

Tracy Tornado

Do meet “Tornado Tracy” with shredded clothes and little cars and tiny animals and debris stuck all over her.

Jillian Tornado

And her cousin “Jillian Cyclone” with nasty hair and wispy gauze draped around for that wind-blown effect.

8 ball, Striking Nudist

Regularly dressed fellow. Sign reads: Nudist on Strike! Pregnant mom is an 8 ball.


Plastic knives and duct tape between the fingers, black Under Armor and a clever hair do and you’re Wolverine.


Worlds Greatest Dad T-shirt and a clock and you’re Father Time. Lyndi is Professor Trelawny from Harry Potter.

A Halloween Party 056

Where does one sock of every pair end up?  The “Sock-muda Triangle” of course!

A Halloween Party 057

The mummy–thermals and gauze…that’s it.

A Halloween Party 069

Powerless Spider Man. Sew spiders all over clothes and wear a mustache…unless you’re a man already.

Dead Sea, Green Waist, Blue Moon

The Dead Sea

A Halloween Party 112

I Love Lucy–Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

Copy of Dead Sea, Green Waist, Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

Cat Up a Tree–Have some small tree branches and a stuffed cat? Hot glue the branches on a green or brown shirt and attach the cat to the shoulder.

Crumble green paper and hot glue it around your middle. You are now Green Waste.

Fried Egg- Cut a whole in a white sheet and wear it over your head and color your face yellow.

Freudian Slip- a full slip over regular clothes with a sign that reads, “Sigmund.” A big cigar is a nice touch too.

Happy Halloween!

7 Replies to “Clever, Quick Halloween Costumes”

  1.’s not even 8:00, and I was already on line looking for ideas for Rob’s work party tonight. This just made things so much easier! 🙂 I don’t have any pictures of me in my tornado costume, so that was so fun to see.

  2. Ohhh… I LOVE seeing all the crazy costumes people have done over the years! 🙂 There were some I had TOTALLY forgotten about!!! Remember the year we were all different Dr’s?!? That was fun! 🙂 I like the other suggestions you found other places too! Awesome! Happy Halloween!!! *:D*

  3. Yeah…Let’s see if I remember. We were Dr.Mario, Dr.Dre, Dr. Dolittle, Doc Martin, Dr. Love, and Dr. Phil. We were fabulous! hahahaha

  4. Oh, my goodness! I’ve been missing too much Halloween costume fun! These were funny! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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