Christmasy Things To Love~

right this minute…

~The hand made ornaments that remind me that we are loved every time I see them.

~The adorable Reindeer cupcakes that Dane and Kortney made for us–scrumptious!

~The fancy-schmancy ribbon that I forgot I bought last year that’s gonna class-up my Christmas wrapping this year.

~Ok, maybe not so Christmasy–but Beany is always something to love…for me. Maybe I should have put a bow on his head or some curly ribbon between his toes so he’d be a true Christmas kitty.

~The way the tree lights give any room a magical glow that you can see clear down the hall.    :}

~The small box with all the sparkly Christmas tags…that nobody knows about…except…me. Heh, heh.

~My wooly sheep flock just waiting for their ears and tails…although they do look pretty darn cute without them.

~A baby boy and a jolly Santa regarding each other…

~and the big sister who hid under the table the whole time.

~Finding joy in every detail of this happy holiday season–the lights, the tinsel, the ceramic Santa and the tiny pine manger—and taking a moment to let all that Christmas loveliness seep into my soul.

Oh, Christmas…oh, Martha…

4 Replies to “Christmasy Things To Love~”

  1. Oh that tree ribbon is SO CUTE! My kids have the story of Christ down!! 🙂 I am so excited for Christmas.

  2. i just so love your posts! God bless you and your family. i pray God will help us all, as He always has, even when we forget about Him. God has blessed me so much and held on to me in times i did not look to Him for guidance, but He was always protecting me. thank you God for our Savior, the reason for this beautiful season. amen.

  3. I love this time of year! I love that whether you’re crazy busy or have a chance to slow down a bit… it’s just SO much easier to think of the Savior and feel of His love. I love gathering gifts and surprises for other people, then wrapping them all up to save for the big day. I love teaching my little ones about all the different traditions, some silly and some important, but all great fun to share with them! I love basking in the joy and excitement that comes with Christmas. I love it all! YAY for Christmas!

  4. I love the homemade ornaments, the ornaments we get every that say something about what we have done, pretty presents all wrapped, and the LOVE.

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