The Tree Finally

I’ve been terribly spoiled when it comes to putting up a Christmas tree…fake one, that is. For many years, when my kids were old enough to know what they were doing, the tradition was that I would go out shopping with my sister the day after Thanksgiving, and the big kids would put up the tree and decorate it. Pretty cool thing to come home to instant Christmas decorations after a long day in the shopping frenzy.

Then, as they got older still, Jillian bought her own pre-lit tree that she would set up and all I had to do was hang the ornaments.

Spoiled indeed.

But now, after a million years, and two lovely weddings, I find myself in the basement with the old tree–that I haven’t put up by myself in 20 years. Luckily, Lyndi was there to remind me that the branches are all different sizes and some are colored coded on the end to make it– ahem– easier.

Some, however have the color coding chipped off so we had to wing it with those ones. I spread out the branches and worked my way up the row. It was all coming back to me, but looking much scarier than I’d remembered from years past.

By the fifth row it was kind of ugly and poky like a bunch of big, green tumble weeds…but it didn’t stop me from forging ahead…

clear to the last piece…the top!

Now, that’s not so bad–right? Then, I got really brave and cut the light cord off the angel–because her little twinkle lights haven’t worked in years anyway–and perched her up on top.

Next, I tucked two strings of lights in the branches, and to be honest, by that time I needed a rest. Odd, odd thing, to go from all the kids putting up the tree to me doing it all by myself. Luckily, Miss Chompy came by to help me with the ornaments–or I might have been content to leave it with just the lights.

Because they’re the best part anyway.

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  1. Great job! I had to laugh- funny how it all comes back full circle! this is the first year that I have lived alone in well…forever! I told the kids that I would deal with my own tree- my daughter in law laughed- she knows me well! I bought a tree that they said could be put up in less than a minute! the box sat in my front room for 2 months (ok- I was out of town for 5 of those weeks!) then I got brave enough to open it- only 3 pieces- but still it sat for another week or so- finally the week after thanksgiving i sucked it up and voila- they were right- once you got all the packing stuff off of it- it really did go up in a minute! It was prelit-the hardest part was the ornaments- so many memories- all the personalized ones from when the kids were little- so many for my Matt – had to have a little melt down because I miss him so!- the kids were very impressed- they asked where the rest of the Christmas stuff was…. in boxes in the garage- because honestly I was proud of myself for just getting a tree up! (I did pull out an animated dancing santa- Fisher (3) pushed the button and told me it was pretty annoying! Hope your holidays are great- miss you my friend! hugs!

  2. Well then, we are kindred spirits again–aren’t we? I haven’t been tough enough to take out the other decorations either. But I have all the ornaments from when the kids were little, and the candy one that Rhen took a bite out of every year. You know, when I think of you up there in the frozen north, I can’t help but think of Matt and that beautiful smile of his. I just picture him with you, helping you when things are hard, and whispering something sweet or funny in your ear when you need a smile. My favorite image though, that comes most often, is of him standing with both of his great arms wrapped around you–keeping you safe and warm and so much closer than you know. It won’t be long now my dear, sweet friend…you’ll see.
    Merry, merry Christmas Sue. I love you.

  3. Ha Ha Ha! I make John set everything up and then I have the girls put the ornaments on. Too bad we can’t put presents under the tree yet or Molly would rip off every bow. 😉 Such fun!

  4. Glad you got your tree up, just in time too! Hehe!! I can’t wait to see what you’re making for Christmas! 🙂

  5. You did AWESOME!!! Great job, Mom! 😀 The lights are such an important part of a tree, aren’t they? I couldn’t leave mine with just those though… too many memories in all those ornaments. 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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