Christmas Candy Giveaway

“Giving away Christmas candy!” you say?

Well, not the actual candy—but a new, enhanced ability to create the candy…all by your clever, little old self.

Quite a skill indeed.

Just think of all the family, friends and foreign dignitaries that you will impress when you try the recipes in this pretty littleΒ  book.

Which is just what I did.

And look what happened. Yeah, I’d invite you over, but as you can see–there aren’t enough Caramel Nougat Swirls for the both of us. Sorry.

But you can certainly get the book yourself either HERE–nice and simple and over 30% off, OR

here–by winning our giveaway! “Oh, Launi, Launi!! How do we do that?” you ask?

Simple, I tell you.

Leave a comment in this post—for one entry.

Become our friend in the Google Friend Connect on the right side bar—for 3 entries.

Follow us on Twitter for 3 entries.

Follow us on Facebook for 3 entries

for a possibility of 10 entries!!

We’ll announce the winner of the HP book “Candymaking” and a lovely candy thermometer to go along with it–on Monday December 13, 2010 at 10:00 am.

Jump in my friends~

it’s a sweeeet deal!

(Oooh, I crack myself up…)


17 Replies to “Christmas Candy Giveaway”

  1. What a fun giveaway! If I happen to win you will have to throw my name back in. I already have that book. Thanks!

  2. Oh what a fun giveaway!! I hope I get that book. I am handmaking all kinds of candy for my Christmas Presents this year. Those caramels look lovely!!

  3. The swirls look soooo amazing! Divinity and fudge are about as far as I go when it comes to candy, but I’d love to try something new. I’m going to have to be really lucky to win though, I don’t have a clue what all those other followings are all about. Do I get any points for blog worshiping? πŸ™‚ I still need lessons for the perfect fudge ball (do I feel a tutorial coming on?).

  4. Mmmmmmm, how fun would this be to make with the kids. Oh yeah, and to make the house smell good too, and taste good in the tummies and on the tongues. Mmmmmmmm.

  5. SOOO fun! i’m thinking of joining my husband’s family business in candymaking, this would probably be a good place to start!
    i’m a google friend already, and a fan on facebook of course πŸ™‚


  6. Oooooh, I wanna win!!! What a fun book! And a candy thermometer too!!! (Mine is not working right!) I’m already following you on facebook and I’m already your friend on google connect!

  7. Joined your Google Friend Connect!

    Already follow you on FaceBook!

    Following you now on Twitter!

    Commenting! 10 entries! Yay! πŸ™‚

  8. Looks scrumptious! how do I do it? come on.. I’m waiting with baited breath! oh (by the way) I dont know if you remember Daniel and I from your hypnobirthing class (it was our first time and we were doing home birth) Apparently the whole “child rearing” thing worked out so well.. we’re having another! hooray! thanks for sending me a note about your candy on facebook =)

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