Chicky Conference


We’ve been trying to hold the baby birdies as often as we can so that they are people friendly when they get big.


So, while our church’s General Conference was on tv we decided to take the girls out and hold them one at a time.


Rhen’s a bit partial to the Russian chickies, so he only really holds them.


But look how cool their feathers are growing in. They are only a whopping 3 weeks old, but I’m amazed at how fast they are growing.


Even though I was playing with this cute little sweetie, I promise I was still listening to conference.


Well, most of the time.

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2 Replies to “Chicky Conference”

  1. No wonder you didn’t want to come watch Conference with us! Ha ha ha! I bet your notes looked like… HEN SCRATCH! BAAAAAAAAAaaa ha ha haaaaa! 😀

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