Chasing Ants

Experiment- I’m going to lightly spray doTERRA Peppermint and Cedarwood essential oils on my garden shoes before digging in the yard. Pretty sure it will send all the Box Elder bugs and ants scurrying AWAY from me instead of up my pant legs. Yikes! Here I go.
Oh and if it doesn’t work, I have Lavender to soothe the skin irritations. Wish me luck!



PS–It worked!! BAhahha!


3 Replies to “Chasing Ants”

  1. Oh, my gosh, it was AWESOME. I have a huge stump that I was weeding around and it’s filled with the creepiest, mean, biting ants. I stepped all around the stump–on purpose–and watched them scatter and run back to their dark little caverns. It was so much fun–in a sinister way. haha! So, yes–front yard weeded and I’m personally ant free. Mission accomplished and 100% success!
    Thanks for asking. :]

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