Cattail Danger

Wait…let me re-spell that to read–CAT TAIL. CAT tail. Danger…Danger!

August 7 060

I know what you’re thinking, Chompy—but look the other way. Remember that bad-guy kitty?

August 7 058

Resist the urge. Fight it. Fight it. This is the evil Beany we’re talking about. Run. Hide.

August 7 055

Don’t do it—DON’T do it! You are playing with a certified Dog Slayer here.

August 7 061

Oh man…little baby.  That was close.

You were nearly lunch.




Week 23 Food Storage Prompt: No, it’s not sweet, tender baby fingers. It’s  10 lbs. sugar.

Almost as sweet as baby fingers.

6 Replies to “Cattail Danger”

  1. Oh Baby Chomp… I hope you learn the EASY way to stay away from that grumpy old guy! He’s been there, and done that with little kids… I you don’t wanna know what that is!!! TRUST ME!!! 😉

    Happy Birthday Kim!

  2. For some reason animals are more willing to be nice to little ones. And thanks for the “happy birthday”. It means a lot to me.

  3. We won’t ever let him hurt her. Maybe he’s mellowing out now that he’s as old as Methuselah. We’ll watch the old mutt.

  4. Well, this old crazy guy has never hurt a baby but he has taken the hide off of his share of toddlers or whatever age it is that holds onto tails or ears and won’t let go. Sometimes the poor things are trying to hold on to his face and kiss him. That always goes very, very badly. There’s usually blood.

    Happy Birthday my friend!

  5. I was just reading this post and my E just asked “Who’s cat is S with?” I guess I’m not the only one that thinks baby chomp and baby S look just alike!

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