Valentine Button Heart

Yesterday, I was feeling all crafty in a huge, low key sort of way. I mean, I reeeally wanted to make something but wasn’t feeling up to anything intense or…you know…hard.

I knew that hearts would be a necessary part of the project and since I really like buttons, I figured the two could hold their own in a big way as well.

Then the doorbell rang and a kind, sweet friend brought over Valentine treats for us. Ummm…sugar cookies–

and pink popcorn balls. Oh. My. Word.


So with the complete creative inspiration that can only come from the perfect sugar cookie, I dug through the button stash and pulled out all the red and pink ones…and an occasional lavender…just because.

Then, on a whim, outlined a heart on an 8 x 10 piece of cardstock–with white glue. I thought about using a hot glue gun…for about 10 seconds. Then I remembered that we still aren’t speaking. Don’t ask.

One thing, or button, led to another and before I knew it, those pretty buttons were evolving…

into this lovely little button heart. I hurried to find a frame and since this one fit perfectly–I snagged it and poked my pretty little button mosaic into it.

Twenty minutes well spent. Cookies, pink popcorn and a bucket full of buttons.

Life is good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hearts and Flowers

It was my intention to make something lovely, or amazing or scrumptious for today’s post. It was going to be a “something” with lots of flowers and hearts all over the place…

just before Valentine’s Day. But then “something” else took up all the time and space.

Something big and amazing and lovely–but still with lots of hearts and flowers, that I’ll show you as soon as those pictures come to us.

But in the meantime, I decided to go on a quest. A *pink* quest to be more precise, because I love pink–in fact, sometimes I think I own pink.

Just feels like it’s…you know…mine somehow.

Lucky for you, my lovelies, that I’m so-so good at sharing.

Especially on this scrumptious, pink…

heart-y, day before the mushiest day on earth.

But I’ll think of something marvelous for tomorrow…you’ll see.

Perhaps it will even be full of hearts and flowers…you never know.

Heh, heh.

A Valentine Garland~Again

So, on a whim, I rummaged around in the holiday tubs and found the crocheted heart garland from last year. It looked pretty good, considering it was stuffed in a Valentine mug in a nice big wad.

But the main reason that I’m showing you this again, is because–well, it’s amazing what a new camera can do for a cute little crochet heart.

I hung them up on my bedroom door this time around and they are completely adorable–if I do say so myself. Heh, heh. There’s still time to whip up a string or two for yourself before Valentine’s Day. The complete instructions are right here.

Do it Rockapella!

Stuff To Love…

on this Valentine’s Day.

Since I don’t actually have my own “sweetheart” per se, I’ve decided that I’m pretty close to being in love with the UPS man…or maybe it’s just the truck. Just seeing it pull up in front of the house, makes my heart pound. It must be love!

I positively love having a daughter that can machine quilt my sewing projects like some kind of magical pro. I mean, seriously–check out those hearts. Amazing.

My sweet kitties–Beany and Jiff–who utterly refuse to sleep somewhere other than my bed. ~sigh…

Homemade potato salad, made the right way. You know, with my mom’s recipe, only I added chopped pickles, which she never would have done, but it’s fabulous–so we’re good. Don’t tell her.

The greatest creation in the cookie decorating world since sugar sprinkles. I mean it.

A boy with a very new suit…who is leaving soon.

Hope your day is full of love, and kisses, mushy stuff…and chocolate–lots of chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!