So Much Sweetness

Valentine’s Day should–I suppose, be a day of smushy, mushy, sweetness and therefore who could be surprised that the very best breakfast turned out to be Apple Strudel with real, honest-to-goodness whipped cream on top–for luck.

Oh, you’ve no idea the decadence I’m capable of. I’d show you a picture, but sincerely, that lovely, flakey, cinnamony thing wasn’t on my plate long enough to find the camera…nevermind snap it.

Then to add to the sweetness of the day, my grandbabies–oooh, wouldn’t they howl hearing me call them babies?–came and brought me chocolates…

and a beautiful topiary–I think it’s called a bougainvillea tree. I’ll have to do a bit of deep, dark research to find out how to keep from killing it. Honestly, though, have you ever seen a more perfect shade of pink?

Then, when evening rolled around, Miss Chompy helped her mama make the most delectable treat of the day–strawberry tarts! My…oh…my they were incredibly good.

And what’s a strawberry tart without real, honest-to-goodness whipped cream on top–for luck?

Heh, heh.

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