These Things…

I know to be true:

~”Bob the Tomato” from Veggie Tales is actually cuter drawn on a MagnaDoodle than he is in real life–depending on the artist.

~It’s much easier to type in a cold basement if you have these glorious fingerless gloves–now, I just need a pair of my own…so I don’t have to swipe April’s.

Thanks, Amy!

~ I must have been born in the wrong era because this old, turn-of-the-century farm house just makes my heart pound right out of my chest–rock foundation, root cellar, “gingerbread” and all. Oh, where’s that single Scottish Farmer when you need him?


~ A willow tree is very generous with the leaves–which should make incredible garden compost…

…very generous indeed.

~ I have a very, very happy son…

…with a very, very happy fiance’–woooohooo!!

~ Miss Chompy–if she so chooses– has a bright future…

with the circus.

All is well.