The winner of our “One Thousand” Day Giveaway will receive: the book “One Thousand Gifts….

a one thousand piece Springbok puzzle…


a slightly over 1000 piece goodie pack of a few of my favorite indulgences. Yes, yes–it’s ridiculous, I know. But I never promised you sanity–did I?

And our illustrious, and very thankful winner is…….


Teresa Baker!!


Teresa Baker says:

“thankful for yard sales that make money for missions trips”


Congratulations Teresa!

Thank you everyone else for participating in our “1000 Day” Thankful Giveaway. This was so dang fun that I’m already planning the next one–so stay thankful and stay tuned!

Moda Fabric Winners!!


Beth says:

Love love love the Prep School Knockout! I’m a sucker for argyle!
Good luck with your quilt, my biggest downfall when it comes to quilting is keeping my seams accurate!



Molly says:

I am also a professional seam ripper, amateur sewer/quilter. :) I like grammy’s scrap basket. Good Luck on your quilting….I am continually impressed with you Anderson girls and mama!! Way to go!

Congratulations ladies!! Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway. Stay tuned. Another giveaway of magnamonious proportions coming up. Yes, I did make up that word. :}

Candy Making Winners!

Yes…you heard me right. I said WINNERS…with an S.

Got in a mood at the last minute and decided to pick TWO winners! So here they are…

Jeanette and Jenna!!

Congratulations ladies~ you’ve each won the HP book “Candymaking” along with a incredibly cool candy thermometer to go along with it.

Thanks everyone for entering–you are all fab.

Merry Christmas and ho-ho-ho!

Christmas Candy Giveaway

“Giving away Christmas candy!” you say?

Well, not the actual candy—but a new, enhanced ability to create the candy…all by your clever, little old self.

Quite a skill indeed.

Just think of all the family, friends and foreign dignitaries that you will impress when you try the recipes in this pretty little  book.

Which is just what I did.

And look what happened. Yeah, I’d invite you over, but as you can see–there aren’t enough Caramel Nougat Swirls for the both of us. Sorry.

But you can certainly get the book yourself either HERE–nice and simple and over 30% off, OR

here–by winning our giveaway! “Oh, Launi, Launi!! How do we do that?” you ask?

Simple, I tell you.

Leave a comment in this post—for one entry.

Become our friend in the Google Friend Connect on the right side bar—for 3 entries.

Follow us on Twitter for 3 entries.

Follow us on Facebook for 3 entries

for a possibility of 10 entries!!

We’ll announce the winner of the HP book “Candymaking” and a lovely candy thermometer to go along with it–on Monday December 13, 2010 at 10:00 am.

Jump in my friends~

it’s a sweeeet deal!

(Oooh, I crack myself up…)

Wee Knitt Halloween Guys—


Amy O. !!

Congratulations deary!

Amy O. said:

Oooh! Those would be great for my little Cameron’s hands! I’ve love to win these cute people!

Thanks for entering everyone–watch for the next holiday giveaway coming up soon.

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