Sweet Marion~ Quiet Ways


“I am so excited for these low volume fabrics! (Look forward to bundles with low volumes from several of my lines in my shop in the spring! and also if you’re on Instagram Head on over to see the fun $300 gift card up for grabs! I’m @amrosenthal over there.)

My grandma Marion was soft spoken and gentle, painfully shy. She was born with a cleft lip and palate and had many many surgeries as a child, causing her to be very self-conscious. She never wanted to be the center of attention and hated having her picture taken. Her quiet ways fostered a calmness in her home, and a gentle and accepting way with other people, no matter their differences or status. She was truly kind to everyone, perhaps especially because of other children’s unkindness when she was little.

Sweet Marion can be ordered now from your Moda Fabrics United Notionssales rep, ships February 2017″

Sweet Marion~


“My Grandma Marion was born in 1926 in small town in Utah. Her mama was a wonderful cook who ran a boarding house for farmhands and made 3 massive meals a day for dozens of hungry men. She was known for her amazing pies. Marion’s daddy had been a vibrant entertainer as a young man but was quiet in his older years. He was often found on the back porch surrounded by wild animals. Grandma grew up as an only child and often reminded me how lucky I was to have 4 siblings, because I would never know loneliness.
Sweet Marion ships February 2017–ask your favorite shop to order it now.”

Sweet Marion~ Flowerbeds & Roses


“In my Grandma Marion’s backyard were the most stunning flowerbeds and roses. She had a wall dividing her vegetable garden from her lawn which was covered with deep red climbing roses. Every so often she would ask us to go out and cut her a bouquet for her counter. To this day, the smell of roses puts me in her kitchen with the blue and white linoleum.
Sweet Marion fabric ships February 2017–Ask your favorite shop to order it now!”

Sweet Marion~ Play Nicely


“Sweet Marion fabrics play nicely with my previous lines, all are a part of a beautiful master palette I’ve had so much fun building. Mixing and matching collections is so much fun!
One of my favorite stories about my Grandma: As a young and even middle aged woman she was afraid of and even angry toward Japanese people, as a result of WWII. When she and her family moved to Utah, she found herself in the same church congregation as a lovely couple–the wife was from Japan and spoke broken English. This woman became my Grandma’s very best friend, because despite her fear–she would always be kind to everyone. Everyone. Differences make us into a beautiful master palette–kindness makes us friends.”

Sweet Marion~ Classy Stuff


“This print might be my favorite in this collection, but I’m sure I will say that more than once before this show is over! I remember my Grandma Marion had quite a few floral blouses. They were silky, and floraly, and I seem to remember at least one that tied at the neck. She wore these lovely tops to church and special occasions, and I remember thinking she was so elegant to wear such fancy material. I have no idea if they were real silk, polyester, or rayon, but in my little girl head, she was the epitome of grace and class.”