Can I Just Tell You?

We were totally and completely ready for this game. I mean, come on…we had BYU popcorn for Pete’s sake.

We had blue and white sprinkled maple donuts.

And best of all, we made a busload of blue and white Marshmallow Treats…thank you, 800 boxes of Smurf cereal.

Oh, we were ready, all right. In fact, we were so ready…

that Miss Chompy even had a “Y” in her hair. We were as ready as we could possibly get.

Sadly, the team wasn’t ready. In fact, they didn’t seem to remember what game we were even playing. Soccer? Baseball? Rugby? Tag?

“Worse game ever played in BYU history.”

They didn’t need to say that…we watched it.


Maybe we can use all that Smurf cereal for the Patriot game.

go. blue….


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2 Replies to “Can I Just Tell You?”

  1. I didn’t watch it, but my dad just said that the cougars didn’t even show up basically. Sad day 🙁

  2. We were SOOO ready for that game! Makes me want to watch another game and get that ready. YUM! 😉 Silly BYU. 😛

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