Before I Take You In~

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I want to show you the front yard first. That seems appropriate–don’t you think? This is the yard leading up to my very own front porch. Now this house is a charming 81 years old and while that might just strike terror in the faint-hearted, it makes me happy beyond belief. Old awnings and handrails, rock gardens and Juniper trees. It reminds me of visiting my grandma’s house when I was itty bitty. Since I grew up in a nasty part of Los Angeles it was really the only time that we kids got to play on green grass and climb real trees. It was glorious, I tell you and the memories are thick and delicious in my mind, still.

But back to this house…

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Trees and flowers everywhere which have gone wild without a care taker for months now. The Bishop’s Weed is going berserk and schooching over onto the lawn–naughty stuff. Oh, and pardon the foggy parts to my photos–my lens was steamy for some reason. Probably from my constant Ooooh-ing and Ahhhh-ing while snapping pictures. 


And what you can’t see, is that under all that bushy-ness are about 675 massive rocks…boulders, really, that will have to be dealt with, at some point. As long as they stay hidden amongst growth then they can stay…perhaps.

Miss Chompy said, “Grammy, you have your very own forest!!” For now, my dear. I’m not sure how I feel about so many trees that it’s impossible to see the front of the house. It could use a bit of pinching back, I’m thinking. But we’ll leave it until we get the inside sorted out and then focus on the outside.


And this is from the front porch, looking onto the driveway. I promised the mail lady that we’d behave and put a mailbox out on the road like everyone else…someday soon. She said, “Oh, we would all just love you for that.”

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And here’s the porch it’s self. Lots of changes coming to this place–because, well, because I’ve been on Pinterest too much and so of course, I know exactly what to do to make the slab steps and green rock (green rock? seriously?) facade straighten right up and fly right. Or at least not be…you know…ugly.

You’ll be amazed…I promise. Pretty excited at the potential for beautiful things coming this way.

Stick with me. I’ll show you. And also in the next post I will tell you about Imbrex project in real estate, so you can find your aream house too.

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9 Replies to “Before I Take You In~”

  1. Congrats!! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see how you spruce the place up!

  2. So happy for a first glimpse. I am thrilled for you and your own little slice of heaven on earth.

  3. Andrew Kirby made our wedding cake 30 years ago. He also made cakes for our 10 year and 20 year anniversaries. We just celebrated our 30th anniversary, but I knew he had passed on. 🙁 A dear friend of ours is getting married the end of August. She told our daughter she would love a Satin Ribbon cake and started describing it to her. Our daughter laughed and said, “My mother had a Satin Ribbon wedding cake. I know exactly what it is!” I remembered your dad telling me that one of his daughters was learning the art of Satin Ribbon cakes. I am wondering if that is true and if you or one of your sisters still makes them. I promised my friend I would try to find out. It truly is a lost art, and if no one in your family has carried it on, I’m hoping you might be able to steer me to someone who you know who still knows how to make them. Thank you so much! Virginia 801-318-7589 I live in Provo.

  4. Hi Virginia~ My dad was wonderful…wasn’t he? And his cakes have never met their equal…in my opinion. My sister did learn from him and has done some very beautiful work as well, but she doesn’t do it as a profession because it is very stressful work. I’ll pass your information on to her and see if she knows of anyone who still does pulled sugar.
    I’m so glad you and your friend had such beautiful cakes. He was an incredibly talented fellow.

  5. Thank you so much for your reply! A woman in our neighborhood said Mr. Kirby’s granddaughter does satin ribbon cakes and is in high demand! (It’s amazing how this story is getting bigger and more wonderful as I research!) Would you happen to know if any of your nieces are doing the pulled sugar cakes? I’m assuming it is someone local (Utah County). Thx.

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