“Be Nice or Be Quiet”

Update continued…

New Year’s Goal #2   “Character”

“I will take my own advice and “be nice or be quiet” while mingling with the other drivers on the road. No matter how “amazingly” everyone else drives, I will keep my mouth shut and not say, ‘The nuts are loose!’ Not even once.”

How’s it going?

Welllll….I’d love to fib and tell you that I’ve been “snarky comment clean” for weeks now, but my beloved kids would rat me out. The problems start just about any time that I promise to ‘keep my mouth shut.’ You’d think I’d know better by now.

Now, mind you, it isn’t like I’m an angry, cursing fiend or anything…even on my worst day. No, I’m more of a “Pacha, WHAT are you thinking?!” or  “Stay in your LANE, Sparky,” type of gal. Harmless.

At least I strive to be entertaining. (insert sheepish grin here)

Ok, ok. The fact is that my family, actually, one big, tall, nameless, bald boy–to be exact, would like me to ‘less contentious and more peaceful’ to those around me when I drive.

‘More careful and less erratic.

More quiet and less yacky.’

Freedom of speech has died at the Anderson place.  Hmmph.

Nevermind that I’d like HIM to have more hair and less burping, but let’s not open THAT wound.

So, our compromise its this.

To help myself think calm, peaceful thoughts that should seal my naughty lips shut, while driving, I’ll picture the beautiful, soothing Caribbean Ocean–at sunset. Ahhhh… Yes…I’m relaxing all ready.

If I slip up, that boy I mentioned, can hum some nice, encouraging tune—Bob Marley should work. Star-Spangled Banner would be fine. Whatever.

Believe me, this beats his suggestion of squirting an ocean-like spray of Dasani water my direction. Sheesh.

This may take some time.

Pray for me.

2 Replies to ““Be Nice or Be Quiet””

  1. I’m pretty sure we ALL need to work on this!!! 🙂 I mean yahoo that we don’t swear… but there are other things we should probably weed out! INCLUDING that nameless bald dude! 😉

  2. Something that might help your wayward tongue is to imagine every bad comment going out the bother those annoying people, growing into a big nasty monster that is twice as big and then returning home to its master like a good beastie…

    Just imagine, people who ruin our day by saying or doing thoughtless things can change us a little bit, but only if we let it. All the thoughtless things WE do and say, however, are coming from within and will change us from the inside out! haha, what a scary thought!

    I like to turn this idea around as well… if we do something that is motivated by love and nothing else, we are filling ourselves with love, changing our own lives (not to mention other people too) with love and getting that big beautiful monster to return to us twice as big and twice as full of sparkling goodness! nice =) way to go, you just made the whole freaking world a better place! haha Now don’t you feel better already? Thanks for sharing this post launi, you make me want to make good goals in my life too!

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