6 Replies to “Baby Book Love”

  1. Sometimes I swear I stall towards the end just so that my “friends” do all disappear. Lousia May Alcott and Shannon Hale books especially do that to me. It’s like at the end, my new best friend has moved away.

    We certainly do understand…don’t we?


  2. I need some recommendations on books to get. My girls are wanting more books so they can explore new worlds.

  3. I LOVE it when Anna kisses the pages and shouts, “AGAIN AGAIN!” We have NO problem getting our 20 minutes of reading in each day. It is a good thing that we live close to the library. I love going and getting a bag full of “new friends” each week.

  4. Thanks for always taking such great pictures of my little sweetie! 🙂 She loves books… and she’s starting to kiss everything! Ha ha ha! Thanks for this!

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