The very night that I wrote the last post– this sweet girl found her safe place and had her babies. Four!! Ok, ok, not 20…four. But they are beautiful and very interesting.

For the last two litters. she had some variation of white brown striped tabbies–much like herself. We did get a bit of that–like this one– a sweet grey tiger wth white paws. 

And this little brown and black tiger. So adorable and exactly what we expected. But then…

Where on earth did this lovely thing come from? She’s –am I safe to assume that calicos–even diluted ones, are girls?–is white with grey and brown spots!!

You can see her back more clearly here. Reminds me of a Jersey cow.

I have to admit that the biggest and most adorable mystery is this one. A full orange, brown, black and white Calico!!! And isn’t she just gorgeous?!!

I think it’s safe to say that Lyla is very content and happy with this mom stuff. She seems to positively love it.

And so do I!!


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