A Special Something…

about the glossy ads…

Ausust 31 114

when you think no one is looking…

Ausust 31 116

and you’re completely free to check out the bargains…

Ausust 31 115

or nibble on them.

Ausust 31 119

It’s just so hard to be patient and wait for all those sales…

Ausust 31 118

especially when you’re really hungry right now…

Ausust 31 117

and you still think no one is watching.

Ausust 31 120

But Baby Chompy…here’s something you need to know.

Ausust 31 111

Your good mama is always watching.

4 Replies to “A Special Something…”

  1. And just so DCFS doesn’t show up… No glossy ads were swallowed in the making of this post!!! 😉

    She is SO curious about everything these days… I’m sure every baby does it to some degree… but we’ve got watch that baby and what she wants to snack on for SURE!!! 🙂

  2. Moms are NOT always watching. I can’t even think about the stuff my kids have swallowed because I was zoning! Good job Lyndi!

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