A New Window To the World

First of all you need to understand–this was one NASTY, ugly window.

It was made of big, thick blocks of glass cemented together– that seemed to be all the thing a million years ago.

But wait, that’s not all. It seems the little fellow who built this place decided it would be awesome to paint the thing dark brown. Seriously, Coke bottle brown. Whaaaaat?! We had tried, a few times to scrape the paint off, but 50 years had baked it on pretty solid. You see how well it worked!

ANYway, my sweet daughter arranged for some great, sturdy fellows to come and take out the old one, and put in a new one. These poor guys had no idea before they got here that this is what they’d be dealing with.

They supposed it would take about 15 minutes to remove the old window and it ended up taking 3 hours!

Look at this beautiful modern window they put in!! So not used to all the lovely light pouring through–but it is heavenly.

And wowwww….where did that house come from? I’ve never seen it before! Hahaha. Coming into the century one baby step at a time.

Thanks my dear daughters…it’s so beautiful!

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