A Beautiful View

Ok, perhaps you don’t sense the overall gravity of this situation. It’s positively glorious!!! This, my darlings, is a brand, spanking new window in my increasingly pretty little kitchen!! And the best part is…….

…it OPENS! I couldn’t actually show you that because the window guy said I couldn’t touch it for a couple of hours. Torture–pure torture!!

In case you think I’ve lost my marbles–the previous kitchen window did NOT open. Weird, right? I mean, what if I burned something and there was terrible smoke everywhere?! Of course that would never happen because I never burn ANYthing. Ha. But if I DID, we’d all choke to death without a window that opened.

Well, not anymore buddy boy because this pretty baby opens…and closes…and opens…and closes…and OPENS!!!

I may just faint.

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