A New Moon!!


Oh, we’ve been waiting alright.

Perhaps you’ve even noticed the countdown calendar to the right of this page.

And now…our waiting is just about over…

One year ago we gathered the crew and went to the midnight opening of  “Twilight.” Of course, we had a wonderful time–being the silly,  yellow personality people that some of us are.

August 20 092

Now–tonight, in fact–we’ll be doing it again for the second installment in the series–“New Moon.”  To say that we are WILD with excitement is putting it mildly…

August 20 088

We–the Gracious Rain group have an entire row reserved in the theater so that we can just be our ridiculous selves. There will be giveaways, drawings and random prizes in the theater–not to mention the amazing loot bags that we’ve been putting together for the last month now. I’ll have to show you that in a couple of days–or it will spoil the surprise for the group.


I wish you all were coming with us.

Just think of the fun we’d have with the whole theater to ourselves!


Good goal for the next movie…

19 Replies to “A New Moon!!”

  1. So jealous!! It looks fantasticly delightful! Hopefully I can find some time to see it in the next week or so!

  2. I know! I think this is one we’ll have to see a few times. I’m so excited. We are all going to take a good nap this afternoon to be all fresh and ready to be night owls.


  3. How fun! I love yellow people. I am seeing it Saturday am. I am excited too. This was the least of my favorite books of the series but I am still way excited.

  4. Oh, honey–we’ve learned our lesson, and next time–I swear, we’ll get 25 tickets instead of 11. The tickets were spoken for two months ago, before I had even paid for them, and we seriously got the last available tickets the girl had. Lyndi bought one extra to give to Alissa, as a surprise for her birthday. We really had no idea who were even Twilight fans until the theater was full.

    We’ll make a list for the next one and scoop up everyone–I promise. I love you.

  5. I always tell people that I could even cheat on the test and I still turn out totally yellow. It can’t be helped.

    A lot of people didn’t enjoy this book as much–but seriously, it was one of my favorites. I think she really captures what having your heart broken really feels like–better than I’ve ever seen in a book. I just love it when I can FEEL it.

    It will be so great! Have fun Saturday.

  6. Good goal for Eclipse nothing… I’m looking for the New Moon DVD to come out first before looking at Eclipse. It’s still a wait until I can stick it on my Clearplay 🙂

  7. There’s no “unfortunately” about it. Friday will be wonderful too! And besides–you won’t have to go to bed at 4am, like us Looney Toones! There is something nice and rational about that too.

  8. I was JUST going to say what Christine did!!! ***:D*** It coming out in the SUMMER!!! It’s easier to stay up late in the Summer anyway!!! YAHOOO!!! Easier to find babysitters, because everyone isn’t in school… heh! YAY for Eclipse!!!

    Oh wait… but let’s not forget about NEW MOON!!! YAY!!! I’m sooo excited!!! We’ll have to have ANOTHER party when Jillian gets to watch it… if we can stand having parts missing! 😉

    I’m SOOO with you on the book a WHOLE theater idea!!! I was just talking to the Bald Kid about it a while ago… and it sounds like SOOO sooo SOOO much fun!!! I’ll do more research into that!!! ***:D***


  9. Oh, yeeeaahhh! I know—isn’t it so fabulous. I believe I really will look into just reserving the whole theater. At first I was kidding, but now–I’m actually considering it.

  10. That would be cool… but I think I will keep my limit to babysitting just the 3 and not for that many people. Bwa ha ha 😉

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