A Knight and His Lady

It seems only right and fair that Dane’s boy would be the noble, chivalrous type. It’s in his blood.

Dane has always been a strong, sturdy fellow–even as a baby.

When he was 18 months old I brought him to the nursery at our church and they directed me to the 3 year old class because he looked to big to be with the babies. “No, no”–I assured them–“he belongs here.”

Each week I would ask the teachers if he was good and kind and they would always give and enthusiastic “Yes, he’s perfect!” I wanted to be sure that, because he was so much bigger than the other babies that he wasn’t being too rough.

One week, I asked the question differently. I said, “Is he playing nicely? He isn’t pushing or anything, right?”

At this, the two ladies looked at each other and smiled. One of them said, “Welllllll he does push sometimes but we let him do it because it’s is so cute.”

I said, “What?! You guys–I don’t want him to do that!”

She said, “The only time he does it is when one of the boys takes a toy from one of the girls. He grabs the toy and gives it back to the girl, then gives the boy a shove. We let him do it because it’s just so sweet and chivalrous. We love our little Lancelot.”

Awwwwww. I had to admit–that was cute.

So now that he has his lady fair–I suppose it just perfect that he is raising the next little noble knight in the realm. Let’s just call him Lancelot 2–the second generation.

Yessiree, kindness and chivalry runs deep in this bunch.

And oh my goodness–it makes me smile.

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