{ A Grateful Heart }

“With our Father’s help, all of us can choose to feel more gratitude. We can ask Him to help us see our blessings more clearly, whatever our circumstances. Giving thanks in prayer can allow us to see the magnitude of these blessings and all of our other blessings and so receive the gift of a more grateful heart.”

President Henry B. Eyring

5 Replies to “{ A Grateful Heart }”

  1. Ahhh….two cute girls:)
    I love the new heading.
    Glad to see you could get more use out of your party banner. You are quite talented I must say.

  2. Amen, there is always something to be grateful for and that leads to a humble heart and can make all the difference in making it through another tough day.

  3. It was really fun to make and I have that clever gal who makes the header look all cool too. Big, huge, plus. Congratulations on your race. You amaze me girl. :}

  4. Absolutely, I have heard it said that if the only prayer you say is THANK YOU, that will be enough. I keep a daily journal of my gratitude list. It has changed my life.

  5. Gratitude IS so important. When we look around at our lives, the common every-day things that we have, use and do… we really are so blessed!

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