Let’s pretend for a moment that I am an avid quilter and I just saw these two lovely magazines on the stand at the store.

“My, my,” I would say, “just look at that beautiful quilt on the cover there.

Someone very clever must have made that.

Someone very clever indeed, to have her own design and quilt work featured in a national magazine…

oh, wait…

I mean, in two national magazines…at the same time. “


Now let’s pretend that I’m actually a lot of things but one of them is not an avid quilter.

In fact, let’s pretend that I’m just a lady with a huge love and appreciation not only for the beautiful quilting craft…

but for an incredibly talented daughter as well.

Congratulations honey. We’re so proud of you.



See more of April’s designs at Prairie Grass Patterns

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8 Replies to “Amazing”

  1. that is so awesome- I am going to have to go find those just because!!! You should be so proud- Go April! =0)

  2. I looked at Joanns last week and couldn’t find either one πŸ™ Any other suggestions where I can find my own copy to squeal with delight over? Couldn’t be happier for April or you.

  3. what a talented daughter, I understand why you are so proud. Every year when I visit USA I buy patchwork and quilt magazines. I only do a tiny bit of patchwork but I love to read the magazine and look at the photos πŸ™‚ and when I go to USA later this year I will buy some again πŸ™‚

  4. So so so so proud! I want to jump up and down every time I get to go to craft night and hear about all the amazing things that are happening to her. πŸ˜‰ Just love it!

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