Things To Love

A new line of fabric from my favorite designer, called Mama’s Cottage. with a particularly personal touch. See the blue house, with the red roof? That’s mine! Hee, hee…  So beautiful and just makes me sooo happy.

Then there’s this little sprig of happiness.  He’s such a little smiler, all the time. And don’t miss the matching church ties. So dang cute!

We made little Grinchy Jello desserts for one of our doTERRA classes–see his little green head and Santa hat?  Tell me you can see it.  ANYway, they were fun even if the whipped cream kept melting and a few people just don’t do jello anymore. I didn’t know.

And finally, making a cute little snowman for little Hazey was a lovely adventure.

So much to love. And that’s just a pinch.


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2 thoughts on “Things To Love

  1. Dear Launi.

    Could you please send me the pattern for the Sweet Dreams Bolster pillow (9-27-12)?
    I asked before, but no response.

    Thank you for your kindness!

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