You Just Can’t Tell

When somebody is gone for two whole years–it’s hard to say what you’ve missed the most–about them–in that time. Was it their smile?

Their laughter at the dinner table?

Their love for all the babies?

Their happy attitude?

Or just their sweet face?

Sure…sure…it’s all of that and a hundred times more, but this afternoon, I do believe I’ve found one thing pretty darn close to the top of that list.

Welcome back boys playing football in the backyard.

It’s been far too long.

Welcome back…indeed.

4 Replies to “You Just Can’t Tell”

  1. I miss that about my childhood. Except instead of football it was soccer. And since there is a serious lack of males in my house, I REALLY miss that!

  2. I thought the same thing watching them and hearing them laugh outside. Gotta love the football!

  3. “It’s good to be heckling again… it’s good to doing ANYthing again! Ohhh-hooo-hooo-hoo!!!” ~The Muppet Christmas Carol

    I’m glad he’s back. I like having everyone around! Football is great and I’m excited to be doing more of ANYthing in the backyard! We just need the Sun to come out! 🙂

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