Worker Dudes

Funny, isn’t it–that from the time they’re little

to the time they’re big…

putting things together…

or taking them apart is such a big deal–like what they live for, almost.

They seem to have a “subdue the earth” thing going on from the start.

And I for one, am so glad that they do because whether it’s a wobbly wheel barrow or

tree bark that seems to need a good pounding, the fellows in my world do a ton of things that I’m happy to let them do.

In fact, a rugged three year old told me once that I was actually here on this earth “to make cookies.”

Good to know.

He, on the other hand was here to “move big stuff and kill all the bad guys.”

Oh, and my other job, he said was to watch him…

“and clap.”

What a deal.

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9 Replies to “Worker Dudes”

  1. John has one little girl that loves to help him take things apart and put them back together. It is very helpful so I don’t have to do it. 😉

  2. Its always better when its someone else handling the tools- we have a standing joke in our family- mom is not allowed to handle power tools! and thats ok- I’ll stick to cooking and cleaning- and clapping~!

  3. We have that same rule around here about weed killer. I cannot begin to tell you the magic that can be done to a perfectly lovely lawn with just one tiny spray bottle of Round-up. Gave me a whole new appreciation for “alien crop circles.” C’mon…How was I suppose to know that it kills grass too? Haaaa! Sheesh.
    Seriously. 😕

  4. Baby Chomp has started telling me to clap after she does certain things. I thought it was SOOO funny! 🙂

    I love how everyone has different things they like to do and are good at… it balances the planet out quite nicely! 🙂

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