What’s Right In The World…

this very minute.

The enormous pumpkin bounty–hee hee–from our garden. I know, I know. We’ll do better next year.

Homemade tortilla chips…baked, not fried.

Said that last part in my deep, manly radio voice.

Our living “paper doll.” This little chicky is a genius at those pesky last minute costumes–I tell you.

A busload of lovely, amazing, magnamonious–made that last word up–movie tickets. Woohooo–Breaking Dawn!!

This pretty little–or not so pretty and not so little–composter, that’s about to become my very best friend…and the garden’s too.

When Tink borrows Minnie’s gloves for the ball. Yeow.

The beautiful Autumn leaves right outside the window. We’re about to need some new rakes…a bunch of them!

The perfect, most scrumptious way to capture a ghost…a marshmallow one, that is.

The house I dream about in my sleep. That’s me peeking out the kitchen window. Well, I can see it, even if no one else can. :}

A lady and her kitty…for the moment…until she breaks free. But Miss Chompy is persistent and usually wins these matches–and Jiffy gets the hug of a lifetime.

We should all be so lucky!

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What’s right in your world? Please tell me a few things you’re grateful for and I’ll get them on the “Gratitude List,” and on our quote rotator below and to the left.

It’s about time we updated those things–don’t you think?

Have a good weekend my friends!

7 Replies to “What’s Right In The World…”

  1. My amazing blender so I can make healing smoothies for those with sore throats and stuffy noses.
    An amazing husband who toiled over our garden all summer and harvested wonderful potatoes, carrots, beats, green beans, several variety of squash and enough tomatoes and peppers to fill every bottle I had full of salsa.
    Sweet chickens who give us eggs everyday.
    My wonderful girls who fill our home with the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard.
    The conference edition of the Ensign to give me words of hope and encouragement when life just gets too hard and my heart feels like it is going to break.

  2. Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that makes me happiest! 🙂 Lately it’s been…

    *clean water
    *warm, clean water for my shower
    *changing seasons

    And lots more! 🙂

  3. I am very grateful for a sister-in-law who has a sensitive heart and soul. She is a very important person in my life. You’re a “gem” of great worth. May the Lord bless and help you continue to find the simple joys in life and sharing them with all of us. i apologize for not telling you this sooner. Have a great day!

  4. Even though I loved living out in the country in Missouri, with trees as far as you could see, I’m thankful that I will not be raking this Fall, as my only trees here in Arizona are palm trees. (I do miss it though!)

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