Water Day

It seems to be an unwritten rule in our family, that if this boy gets out that football, and there happens to be a pool of water nearby…

somebody’s gonna get wet.

Usually it means…

that all the guys have to give it a try.

Kortney–you are so dang awesome.

No wonder this nut job married that gal. They’re perfect for each other.

Intermission: Lily needs a drink.

Beckham too.

Now we have the water blob game, where you toss hose water up in the air, just so, and it forms into big huge blobs–hence the name–

and you try to catch them in your mouth. If you do it right…

you get a mouthful of water. If not–

water goes up your nose and straight into your brain…

and you drowned.

Clap for Kortney. She did not drowned. Yep. Daney-boy married the right girl.

I, however, was in the background trying to shake water out of my brain.

For some people there is a very fine line between being a team player and needing to be medicated.


2 Replies to “Water Day”

  1. Kortney and Dane ARE a perfect match, aren’t they! 😀 I really like them together!

    Water days are a perfect way to spend a Summer afternoon… especially when I’m sitting back and watching the craziness! 😀

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