Twilight Movie Night

The Twilight Movie Premiere was fabulous! Even though the entire event took place long after everyone’s bedtime–it was a great adventure. Anyway, shouldn’t you watch a vampire movie at midnight? So…after loading up on popcorn, Twizlers and Fudge at the MegaPlex 17 we headed into the theaters. As far as I could tell, no one slept through any of the show-even though Rhen (who hasn’t even read the book–can you believe it? ) was sure he would. It was a great movie with the audience screaming and squealing at just the right moments. And Edward? Yikes…he is handsome.

Our Twilight Movie Winners

Lynnette and Carly Hughes

Carly, Stacey and Lynnette Hughes

At the Twilight Movie Opening Night

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