Total Foot Re-do

Can I just say…OW?!!

Fifteen years ago, I dropped a bookshelf on my foot and crushed it. Being an uninsured, single mom, I had no way of getting it fixed at the time. Sooooo–over the years, having a misshapen, smashed foot made me walk funny, which ended up wrecking both my knees. I had the first knee replaced in April, the second one in June.

Well, last Thursday, the medical folks reconstructed my whole left foot. The doctor told Rhen that he ended up doing seven different surgeries on that poor foot in five hours.

He said he took off my heel and screwed it back on, pinned my big toe back together, replaced the tendon in my arch, lengthened my calf muscle and fused my ankle.

Gross. Some things you just don’t want to know–right? Yuck.

Well, we left the next day.  I’m at my daughter’s house now for a week learning how to hop on one foot. Non-weight bearing cast for 6 weeks and a boot after that. Doc swears I’ll love my life in about a year. I can only wonder what that means.

Yeah, my foot hurts but I’m trying to be a sturdy mountain woman, using my oils and whatever concoctions my sweet daughter gives me. Haha–so far, it’s working.

My kids are taking good care of me.

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