To Begin

I have to lose 25 more pounds–says my new doctor–before we can do my knee surgery. Now, as you may know, I’m not a huge fan of taking the total medical approach over a much more natural one. But I haven’t been able to work in the yard of my new house, since I moved in–and I can’t have that. I realized that I’ll do whatever I need to do to be mobile again.

SO, I officially started Weight Watchers over the weekend–and get this–it’s actually fun! I didn’t expect that, at all

Anyone want to do it with me? Fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, beans and fish are ZERO points. That means that you don’t even need to count them!! Yeah, I’m having a blast.

And down 4 pounds from last week.

Check out Weight Watchers

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  1. Outstanding! Been there done that, and the rewards are unbelievable sweet! (Not the sugar kind!

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