10 Replies to “To Begin Again”

  1. The new look is very sweet 🙂 Keep up all the great posts that keep me smiling and informed. You’re a great woman!

    When life quits throwing us curve balls around here I’m going to get over there. Already two water damage issues and we feel like we are going backwards in getting moved in. I’m hoping for less challenges in 2010 and more happy times with family and friends.

  2. The new year is great. Awesome design by SassyFruit as well. Looking forward to another great year.


  3. Happy New Year!!! ***:D*** I think a happy, healthy, creative and comfortable sounds just perfect!!! I’m excited for the possibilities!!! Adventure’s Out There!!! 😉

    I love the winter look! You and April always come up with something perfect!

  4. Maybe we should all just come over to your place and chant or something. Oh, wait–we really don’t believe in that sort of thing–do we?
    This will be a wonderful year. Really it will.
    I do miss you though.

  5. Your blog designer is amazing! I love the new look – it really feels like January. The list of things to get right this year is longer than ever – but I’m off to a great start thanks to an inspiring daughter who has helped my organizing and planning plan. No more last min survival mode for me either – my 7th grader has been learning about being pro-active and well, after one day I’m doing pretty good 🙂 Reality is life happens sometimes but I’m determined to take it on with a smile and grateful heart.
    Hope this year is your best yet – hey, why haven’t we heard about the Christmas phone call? Hope you told him Melynda is still patiently waiting!

  6. Ohhh good for you! The list to “get right” really is just “do better” you know. Perfection is a bit of an illusion. Good for your wise little daughter too. And a grateful heart–it will change the world. I promise you that. I do.

    Thanks so much for the nudge to post about Daney’s phone call. I’ll have to tell him about Melynda. She is so sweet. Have her go to his blog (listed on the side bar under “sites we love”) and please, please make some comments. He will love that.

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