Three More Filled Glass Ornaments

#1 Sea of Galilee Glass Ornament


This one is filled with decorator sand and tiny shells…


…and topped with this sweet inscription on a small piece of parchment.

#2 Scented Glass Ornament


This one is filled with potpourri. As the room warms up the scent fills the air. Each year, refresh the fragrance with scented oil–anything from roses to evergreen trees.

#3 Popping Fresh Glass Ornament


This one is my personal favorite…made by Sue Brandon or Orem. She took off the hanger and put 6 or 7 popcorn kernals in the small sized ornament…and then…she put it in the MICROWAVE! Can you believe it? She said she waited until she heard 2 or 3 pops and took it out. But you don’t have to tell the secret—let everyone wonder how you got that popcorn in there!

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